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What Is The Best Survival Fire Starter

Short blond haired woman sitting, smoking being sassy and saying no for Best Survival Fire StarterAre we ready for this Best Survival Fire Starter post?  I really like seeing her impatient and sassy but uummh !

Thats just how messed up I am, maybe a conversation for another day. Then again, maybe not so we’ll see and take it one day at a time!

But today a more pressing issue to talk about, like the most important tool in your bug out bag.

Good to see you finally got here. Look I believe your pretty damn savvy when it comes to the gear you need to survive with. In fact I’m thinking you already know what the best fire starter is already right?

So not to worry, I’m not going to peddle a list of 5, 6, 9, 12 or 24 fire starters that I think are the best. Thats just way to damn much boring reading “amen”.

Don’t get me wrong either, two things you need the most when you bug out is, water and fire. So it’s in my humblest opinion that you need more than one way to make a fire. In fact I carry at least 4 different fire starters with me, just in case.

But as with any tool, they do you no good unless you practice with them.

So if you don’t want to be like this poor sap above, “hint” practice with all your fire starters first. Before you need them for real!

I’m certain that here in the 21st century, one of the best fire starters you should include in your bag would be an electric lighter. They are much easier to use, even without practice. And will work in almost any situation. Here’s a lighter you might want to consider when your hiking, camping or bugging out.

A Good Fire Starter For Backpacking or Bugging Out

Waterproof Outdoor Tesla Lighter is a wise choice for the best fire starter available. A survival lighter thats both water and wind proof and one you can depend on. Its one of my favorite electric lighters. The lighter doesn’t require any fuel to operate as it’s 100% rechargeable.

It comes with a charging cable so it can be charged anywhere with a USB port. In 1.5 -2 hours this will be fully charged. Then can be used 250 to 300 times per charge without any problems.

Because the operation of this lighter is an electric arc it’s windproof as well, It’s also not affected by higher altitudes and colder temps the way a regular fuel lighter is.Fireman in red coat setting fire to wood to fast showing off What a Good Fire Starter For Backpacking.

Let me intervene here and say that some of these other popular fire starters are windproof as well.

They just aren’t as easy to use as these lighters. Without practicing first!

Many reviewers have provided mixed reports about using these arc lighters in the rain.

The truth is their right, most can’t handle being saturated or submerged in water. Thats not a problem with the Waterproof Outdoor Tesla Lighter as its fully incased in a tight waterproof plastic case.

Thus giving you complete confidence that it will work every time.

The lighter works with an arc of electricity and not a flame. To start a fire you will need to carry some Vaseline coated cotton balls with you or something of like nature. But if you don’t then all you need is some good tinder.

For your peace of mind this electric lighter can’t be lit when the lids close. And it also has a 10 second time out as a safety feature.

Compact – Making it The Perfect Emergency Fire Starter

The Waterproof Outdoor Tesla Lighter measures 2.7 x 1.9 x 0.7 inches, and weighs 1.8 ounces.

PRO’s to Consider:

  • waterproof
  • windproof
  • good in cold temps
  • works in high altitudes
  • needs no fuels at all

Also being light weight and small I feel its the perfect survival lighter to have in your bug out bag You can’t go wrong with Outdoor Tesla Lighter as part of your gear.

CON’s to Consider:

  • There is only two problems with this lighter. For me the prongs are to close together. This makes it just a tiny bit  harder to get contact with you kindling. But it really was no more problem to make contact with the cotton ball than with the other lighters.
  • It is not the best choice for long-term backcountry trips, unless you carry a portable charger or have access to an outlet along the way.

So What Is The Best Survival Fire Starter

Waterproof Outdoor Tesla LighterWaterproof Outdoor Tesla LighterWaterproof Outdoor Tesla Lighter

Compared to the old type lighters we’ve had to use back in the day, these new electric arc lighters make starting fires so much easier.

And if for nothing else other than, no more cleaning igniter tubes and dealing with fuel.

Today these lighters are being adopted as an eco-friendlier option since your only task is to charge it. In the long run these will be cheapest way to go.

If your looking for something to get the job done and to be somewhat high tech, then purchase the Waterproof Outdoor Tesla Lighter for your survival lighter.

It’s useful and durable and as I said with, only minimal downsides to its use, this makes it The Best Survival Fire Starter to have.

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