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Survival Fire Making Methods – Necessary Bug Out Survival Tools

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Bringing You Possibly The Best of The Best Fire Making Methods

umm…. it’s me again Markus.
Gosh Harrison is just so serious there about this subject. Ok I won’t bore you with any unnecessary shit! Damn did I just say that. Oh well pray for me. Anyway I done some research on Survival Fire Making Methods for a post which you can read here at  8 Ways to Make Fire in a Crunch.

Although I found a ton of videos and articles on primitive fire making. Most were all the same boring style of video. Before you say it… yes I thought of doing my own but I didn’t want you to see how pathetic my failures were gonna be. It would have been rather good for comedy and a good laugh.

So I got what I thought was the best video training for you all here in one spot. So you don’t have to do the research, as thats just how I roll. Now I can get a fire going sometimes using these methods. But some of the folks below are professional survivalist. We can all learn a lot from them.

You’ll see a summery of the video and a website for them, if it was found. Check them out when you get the chance. Enjoy!

Hand Drill Fire Making Beginner’s Step by Step Guide

This is from the Youtube Channel:  ReWildUniversity. I couldn’t find a website, but if you go to Youtube you find them. It seems to me this is a training platform. This video is about A step-by-step guide to making fire with the hand drill, meant for people who have never done it before. The video goes over identifying and preparing materials, hand conditioning, floating technique, and tinder.

Fire Making With the Fire Plow

Jim is his name I think, but you can find him on Youtube Channel at Paleomanjim and Paleomanjim2. I didn’t find a website. This video Demonstrates the method of using the Fire Plow to start a fire. Tools and wood types are shown and explained.

Bow Drill Fire Complete Step by Step

Find these folks on Youtube Channel: InnerBark Outdoors. They have a website at: Looks like its run by Andy, check him out. This video is all about how-to on how to make a fire using the bow drill method.  While you may not use this technique often, it is something that should be learned and practiced.

Fire Making with the Pump Drill

Here is another video from Jim. You can find him on his Youtube Channel at Paleomanjim and Paleomanjim2. For me Jim is my go to for information. This video demonstrates how to use an ancient pump drill to create fire.

2 Person Bow and Drill – Fastest Method For Friction Fire

This is a very good training by these two guys. You can find their Youtube Channel at IsrealBushcraft.  Israel Bushcraft is the headquarters for all outdoor/survival activities and classes. I couldn’t find a website on them. They do a good job at teaching this survival fire making method.

Learn The Eskimo Strap Drill Friction Fire

Find them on their Youtube Channel Far North Bushcraft And Survival. Didn’t find a website. This is Lonnie, him and his wife are the big dogs on these topics. I’ve learned a lot from him, check him and his wife out. This is a  tutorial on how to make and use the Eskimo strap drill method of friction fire.

Primitive Fire From Stones

lHatchetJack is their Youtube Channel. They do have a good following on Youtube. But you can see why as they have very good training on survival here. I couldn’t seem to find a website, maybe you can. I can not think of a more primitive fire method than I’ve shown here. No cutting tools required.

Locating And Using Rocks to Start a Fire

We got Lonnie here again from his Youtube Channel Far North Bushcraft And Survival. I’m telling you folks he know his shit. You would do well to subscribe to his channel. Here he demonstrates, where, what and how to look for and use rocks that will spark when struck with a piece of high carbon steel such as a carbon steel knife.

Thats a Wrap on Primitive Fire Making Methods

Well there you have it. I do hope that you’ve enjoyed these videos, as they were very helpful to me in my research.  As I have said I just didn’t want to let the research go by the wayside. So thanks for letting me share them with you. Look give these (what I’m calling) Survival Fire Making Methods a try. But more importantly practice them before you need to use them.

It would be completely amiss of me, if I didn’t tell you that I can barely do one of these methods myself and depend on the outcome. Thats why I always carry a couple backup fire starting tools with me. In my opinion below are a couple Must Have Tools to have in your bug out bag.

Take care,
~ Markus

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