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How Big Should a Bug out Bag Be

Wait for it Kimosabe! wait for it… ( some Tonto lingo there) Before you go bugging out in such a hurry, there is something important I want to pass to you. How Big Should a Bug Out Bag Be?  I mean really…how big? Lets think this out logically and I think that you’ll agree afterwards […]

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Family Bug Out Bags

Family Bug Out Bags – Bug Out Essentials Quick Start Checklist

Its been my experience, which pales in the comparison to the seasoned preppers. What I learned about backpacking came from my short stint in the Army. The most important thing I can pass along is, when you choose your survival backpack, get the one that fits. Especially when your choosing for family members! Its very […]

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What Every Bug Out Bag Needs

If you’ve landed here I’m assuming your a new prepper. And as such you probably wonder just What Every Bug Out Bag Needs…right? Well I’m gonna assume again that you already know what goes in your 72 hour bug out bag. But if you don’t just google it, you’ll find a plethora of videos on […]

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