The Best Water Filter Straw

The Best Water Filter Straw

Today in 2018 especially in United States, having clean water is to be expected. Most of us have access to to plenty of it. But if suddenly we didn’t have it? What would you do? Wouldn’t you feel better knowing you have The Best Water Filter Straw available in your bug out bag already?

I lived in south Texas in particular south of San Antonio area in 2017 till Sept 2018. Before we evacuated for hurricane Harvey, my wife and I learned a lesson about our water supply. Up till that time we had never thought much about clean water to consume. Then one day it happened!

In a Hurry? Small price at Amazon for this water filter to be prepared

We haven’t listened to local news for the last ten years. One day after work we go to the store and find out that the city water wasn’t fit to drink. And guess what! All the stores was out of drinking water as well. And I do mean “ALL” the stores in town. We had only one gallon of water at home.

I thought we’d be alright, because someone in the food chain would get water shipped in. And they did. But as soon as the water was available, it was gone,gone done. And besides that you could only buy one gallon per family. So every day we had to wait hours to get our gallon if it was available.

Think Infrastructures Don’t Break Down? Think Again!

So after watching the local news, we find out that the oil refineries where at fault. Some how the city water was tied into the plant/plants water system. And they had an issue were their poison chemicals leaking into the city water supply.

If you Think City Infrastructures Don't Break Down, think again! When cities can't provide clean drinking water, how are you going to get clean water to drink?
For two weeks we couldn’t consume the water. By the third week, we are told not to bathe in it. By the fourth week we could bathe, then eventually it could be drank. We learned the hard way. After that we stored up on water and bought our water filter straws even got a filter and bladder system.

When Hurricane Harvey hit, water wasn’t an issue as we were prepared that time…Having clean water, makes this water filters cost a no brainer.

The problem always comes in those unexpected emergency situations. Especially when we have to evacuate. The greatest impact on families lives is, in those hectic times that your not around your clean water source. Its common knowledge you can go without food for day’s.

But you can’t go without water for more than two to three days.

Think for a minute, you end up in a situation where the only water available to you is nasty and/or contaminated. You’ll be hard pressed not to drink this water. In fact its more likely you’ll be forced to drink it anyway. And that my friend is gonna give you and your family some serious if not fatal diseases.

Luckily for you, from now on you can always be prepared. With the Aquamira Frontier Pro: Ultra Filter, your mind will be at ease knowing you have clean water.

Disaster Water Filter – Batteries Not Included

If you find yourself in a situation where your very survival is dependent on water, this is the perfect tool. The good news, no batteries are needed to work, just one of the many reasons this is a perfect tool. Also this will work in your favor will less weight to carry around.

In a Hurry? Light, compact, low cost water filter straw at Amazon

You won’t have to worry about this water filter wearing out any time soon. With no moving parts this water filter won’t wear out anytime to soon because there are none. So there’s no way your going get out somewhere with a broken water filter.

Best Water Filter For Survival

This would be an ideal filter to have for every member of your family. Pack them in your home and/or car. They’re even light weight and small enough to fit in your pocket or bug out bag.

So no matter what situation you face you’ll have a way to drink water.

Before your thrown into survival mode, realize when you bug out chances are you won’t have glacial water to drink. Your gonna have to drink water where ever you find it. Thats likely to be places like:Best Water Filter For Survival

  • mud or pot holes
  • lakes
  • horse and cattle troughs
  • animal watering holes
  • irrigation ditches
  • canals

These could all be full of toxic chemicals swarming with bacteria and viruses. To drink this water use the Aquamira Frontier Pro: Ultra Filter Straw to eliminate this filth. Keeping out the strongest toxins means you’ll have protection against:If all you have to drink is a puddle with stagnate water, then you need The Best Water Filter Straw for your survival.

  • Cryptosporidium – removes it
  • Guardia – removes it
  • Viruses – removes it
  • Bacteria – removes it
  • Cysts – removes it
  • Chlorine – removes it
  • Chemicals – removes it
  • Odors – removes it
    and Improves Taste

The company sez (yep my word) this water filter effectively eliminates 99.9999% of bacteria. Rating higher than the EPA standards. Making this emergency water filter system helpful when ending up in places with questionable water.

When Using Your Personal Emergency Water Filters


You can insert the water filter tube right into the water. Drink as much as you want. All you need to take to have good drinking water is this filter.

Its simple to use, just pull off the tabs and drink the water thru the straw. The membranes will stop the crap from reaching your mouth and hold them there.

Then what you get is good tasting fresh water.

Or you can attache it to the hydration packs and bladders even adapt to use as a gravity flow filter.

Because of this you won’t have to load down your gear with bottled water.

So that your prepared when the time comes, get the best water filter straw at Amazon. You’ll want to get everyone in your family one, so the whole lot of you are prepared

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