What Every Bug Out Bag Needs

What-Every-Bug-Out-Bag-NeedsIf you’ve landed here I’m assuming your a new prepper. And as such you probably wonder just What Every Bug Out Bag Needs…right?

Well I’m gonna assume again that you already know what goes in your 72 hour bug out bag.

But if you don’t just google it, you’ll find a plethora of videos on what to have in them.

In a Hurry? Loose Water Weight With Aquamira Water Filters:

What I want to concentrate on here is, what items in your go bag can play double duty. Maybe by doing this you will be able to eliminate some tools which will lessen the load of your bag. I don’t know about you but thats a big deal to me.

If you’ve never carried a 40 to 50 pound bag for more than a mile, then this is for you.

What ever is in your bag, your gonna need it to stay alive in a bug out situation. Mistakenly all to often people will pack two items when one can serve multiple purposes. Its not hard to figure this out, but you will have to make some concessions.

Remember the lighter your bag when you go, will save your strength.

What Should Be In Your Go Bag

What-Should-Be-In-Your-Go-BagAgain this seems to be subjective. Two friends of mine are both preppers, both also have bug out bags. When I asked both, what needs to be in out go bags?  Other than than the basics like:

  • Clothing
  • Bedding
  • Fire
  • Light
  • First Aid
  • Hygiene etc.

I got two different answers. Then after consulting the internet, well the contents needed for the go bag was all over the place. In any case the fore mentioned items are all items that should be in your bag.  But lets talk about the items (tools) that you can eliminate.

Lets make your bag lighter, yet still have the tools you need including your water supply.

3 days of water is hard to carry, your going to need a gallon a day. That’s around 24 pounds of weight. To save space and weight this is a Good Price for a small water filter.

Below are just a few tools that could maybe serve a dual purpose. They were not easy for me to get use to but they did save me a ton of space. You might want to do a over night trip and see if this is some items you could live without for 3 days…

What Should I Put In a Survival BagTo Save Space & Loose WeightWhat-Should-I-Put-In-a-Survival-Bag

The shelter of choice for a 72 hour bug out situation. Generally light weight. Only serves one function.

Pack a Tarp. It can replace the tent. Will also a lot you 3 other functions that could come in handy. You can also use it as a, hammock, windbreaker and a water collector.

Eating Utensils
Look I know you think this is not much to carry. A fork, spoon and knife just don’t take upWhat-Should-I-Put-in-a-Survival-Bag - Spork a whole lot of room. Again they only serve one function.

Instead of packing eating utensils, change them over to a spork. Now you only have one item.

Sporks serve the same function. You can also get these as a set of tools.

Bug Out Bag Tools

Most preppers (especially new preppers) go way over on the tools and lose valuable space in your bag. Instead of finding a multi tool to do the job of several tools. Most tend to pack a dozen or so of tools like, pliers, hammers, saws, screwdrivers etc.

If you look around a bit you’ll find a multi tool that has all these tools together. And yes some will even have a spoon, fork, knife even a spork!  It might surprise you to see some with hardwire cutters, wrench even a crimper.

Bug Out Bag Gadgets – That Serve A Dual Purpose

Gadgets, who doesn’t love gadgets?  Unfortunately these tools are another way people fill up their bug out bags.  Most of these gadgets are very necessary. Items such as a compact water filter system, a radio (to listen to news), some kind of communication device, shovels, flashlights and more.

In a Hurry? Really a small price tag for this compact water filter system:

Bug-Out-Bag-GadgetsInstead of packing one hit wonder tools, try to get the ones that do two maybe even three other jobs. 

All in one tools can be found with just a little research. For instance we need a emergency radio and a good flashlight all in one tool. 

Again with just a little research I find the Dynamo Radio Flashlight 4 in 1 tool.


Now we’re talking not just three tools but four. Upon checking this out we find it also has our cell charger but includes an emergency siren! That siren could come in handy.

Another item that can do the job of several other tools is DENTAL FLOSS. And we thought it was just good for teeth. Other possible uses:Bug-Out-Bag-Gadgets-Dental-Floss

  • If you got no rope left, this can be used to secure your shelter to a tree.
  • If you’ve ripped a piece of clothing such as a shirt, this can be used to sew it up.
  • You can set up a warning system against unwanted intruders, human or otherwise.
  • Just like fishing line you can sew up wounds with dental floss to.
  • If you need to slice through something and don’t have a knife this could work.
  • If you have no tinder available to start fire this could substitute .

Another one of these items is SALT. Besides flavoring your food it can actually serve two other functions. For instance it can be used for disinfecting items as well as be an antibacterial treatment.

This can eliminate the need to pack bulky containers of antibacterial treatment, by just packing small packets of salt.

More Dual Purpose 72 Hour Go Bag Gadgets
  • Instead of packing just a bar of soap, why not pack body wash. Body wash can be used to wash your cloths, shampoo your hair as well as be just soap.
  • Lastly lets look at vaseline and trash bags. Both of which you should consider in your bug out bag.
  • Vaseline can be used for two purposes, an antibiotic treatment and a fire starter.
  • Trash bags! If you’ve ever forgotten your rain coat on a rainy day then you know trash bags can substitute. It can also be used as water proofing material or as a water reservoir.More-Dual-Purpose-72Hour-GoBag-Gadgets

It’s a good idea to check your bug out bag and see what items can be combined to save space.  By doing this you will be able to pack a water filter system. It’s something you need instead of leaving it behind.  And thats what every bug out bag needs, enough space for the items that can save your life.

Bug Out Bag Essentials – Must Have Tool

Granted bug out bags can get heavy depending on what your trying to include. This was just a small list of items you can substitute to lighten the load. But the problem I’ve noticed is, not everyone includes water as an essential to carry because it’s heavy.  If your a new prepper,  water is a big deal.

You need about a gallon of water a day, just for you. So even if you carried all you could, itBug-Out-Bag-Essentials would still only last a few days. There’s water to be had in streams, lakes, puddles and ditches that could keep you alive. 

These are the Best Emergency Water Filters to have for that.

Its small, lite weight and in my opinion it’s what every bug out bag needs

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